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I've had my two children at Lily's Garden for the past two and a half years. My wife and I are both public school teachers and are a bit hypersensitive to educational environments. The school is well organized, facilities properly maintained and stocked, plenty of curriculum materials (they use same full-range of texts as public schools, but a year ahead), teachers are highly trained and all staff demonstrate a caring and kind attitude towards every student. There is a good balance between rigorous academics, fun physical play, and artsy creative expression. Skipping all the technical details of school performance (which they pass with flying colors), I'll move to the most important indicator of a great school; the students are happy, the parents are happy to bring their children, and what makes it all work together, the staff is very happy with what they are accomplishing each year. I'm always thinking about how I would try to improve a situation, but I can't think of anything for Lily's Garden. As the 5 stars indicate, it's as good as it gets!

-Paul F.
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